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Being an Irregular Choice fan means you are part of a very special & unique club, full of passionate, dedicated and super stylish individuals. As part of this club, there are some things that only you will understand:

The desire to collect all the different seasons box designs is real - because the boxes are just as beautiful as the shoes! 

 Sometimes you sit in your pjs watching tv, with IC heels on and keep being distracted by how pretty they are! 

Everything is put on hold when a shoe launch is announced 

Having to decide between which upper, let alone colourway, you want from the latest concept heel launch - you know you want them all! 

You never thought you would NEED a handbag with a squirrel and a crochet nut on - I mean, who doesn't need this in their life!?! 

Trainers with flashing lights aren't just for children - they just make life more interesting! 

♥ Being stopped by strangers everywhere you go because they want to tell you how beautiful your shoes are - we know, right!?! ♥

You never knew that you would buy seasonal shoes that come out just once a year - however, it would be very Irregular to wear Mr & Mrs Clause in the Summer! 

It doesn't matter that you already have 5 pairs of Lazy Rivers, there is a new colourway that you don't have yet! 

Running out of space in your house to store your shoes - who needs to use the oven for cooking anyway!?!

Dog slippers are for life, not just Christmas! 

♥ You don't need a special occasion to wear IC - the craziest of shoes will always look great with a pair of jeans on the school run. ♥


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