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Meet Poppy!

Irregular Choice super fan and all around Girl Boss!

Poppy is the latest winner of our #irregularchoice photo competition! Here we have her living her unicorn fantasy in 'Daisy Dreams'! You can take part by posting your wonderful Irregular Choice shoes and outfits on Facebook and Instagram and using the #irregularchoice! 

Poppy has been a huge fan since 2007 and we always look forward to seeing how she has styled her latest Irregular Choice goodies - take a look below for some style inspiration, some super cute shoes and some words from the lady herself!

Here we have Poppy rocking the 'I Just Gnome It'bag and 'Duck Tights'!

'I have no idea where to start talking about IC! I found the brand when I was 17  and I didn’t have the confidence to dress how I wanted at that time so I would sit at home and look through the website and all the amazing shoes and dream of owning some and being the person I wanted to be! I’ve always been a bit of an outsider but something about Irregular Choice made me feel like I belonged somewhere, there were people out there like me and I could express myself how I wanted.'

Looking super cute in 'Big Bear' and with the matching 'Big Bear Bag'!

'It’s more than just fun shoes and accessories to me! When I have your shoes on I just feel like me! I love the attention to detail and how nothing is overlooked. I try to make everything in my life fun, happy and positive. Even the tiny things that might not seem important. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I love you! Nothing is overlooked - I keep all the tissue paper and shoeboxes because everything you create is so artistic, it just brings me joy!!

'I am also so inspired by Dan! I love how he has made something so alternative into the huge brand you are today! The fact there was an Irregular Choice Store in Brighton was so exciting to me as a twenty something on the little old Isle of Wight! When I was studying Art and Design, I’d even print of pictures of the store decor (mainly the pastel carousel horse!) on my lunch break and stick it to my bedroom wall!'

Another explosion of cuteness with 'Big Bear Bag' and 'Nuttet'! Plus a cheeky blast from the past with 'Barnacle Betty Tights'!

Pastel perfection, including 'Fawn Tights' !

One gorgeous photo of some proud pastel unicorns! 

'I one day hope I can inspire someone who isn’t confident to express themselves, and show them that if you just do it for yourself and don't care about what others think - you will find your tribe! There’s a place in the world for everyone, even the Irregulars!'

We couldn't say it any better ourselves, Poppy!

Stay Irregular!



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