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It's super important to us that we don't just bring you the most irregular and magical shoe designs but that you have the true Irregular Choice experience from the moment you walk into our store. That's why we've put loads of effort into changing our stores over the years to be more fun, fabulous, and irregular than ever!

From bright check floors to an entire wall of flowers, every store design is dreamt up at the irregular head office with no restrictions of what's possible - much like Dan Sullivan's defiance of shoe design. Its commonplace for brands to outsource shop designs however at Irregular Choice, each store is meticulously designed by Dan and his right-hand Vicky, right down to the pattern on the carpet and vinyl flooring!

2007 - New York

The first Irregular Choice store in the world opened its doors in Soho, New York City in 2007.

The very first carousel unicorn stood irregular and proud in the centre of the New York store, watching over the collection. Dan handpicked every song on the store playlist to capture the fun and dancing feet of all ages, describing it as ' a mix you'd find yourself dancing to at a wedding disco'. He's created playlists for all stores since, picking each and every song.

Dan Sullivan introduced an Irregular Choice clothing line to the brand in 2008, with the out-of-this-world collection displayed alongside our unique shoes in the flagship store.

2008 - Carnaby Street First Store Design

The first Irregular Choice store in the UK opened on Carnaby Street in 2008, just doors down from its current home!

A rubik's cube inspired path led shoppers through the store like an irregular red carpet, passing a disco-ball inspired mirror wall and fluffy cloud backdrops.

2010  -Brighton First Store Design 

Brighton is the founding home of Irregular Choice so it felt only right to open our store in the heart of Brighton, in the North Laines.

With perspex seating full of Japanese toys, puzzles, and trolls collected on Dan Sullivan's travels in Asia, the store design truly was unique.

2010 - Carnaby Street Second Store design

A new location means a shiny new store design! Due to the success of the Carnaby Street store, we needed a bigger space- 60% bigger to be precise - and upped shop (literally) to a new store just a few doors up. This meant we could get creative again and fit a brand new shop design!

By 2010 we had moved from paper sketches to 3D interior design allowing us to envision exactly what the store would look like once created. The store was designed right down to the pattern on the floors and carpet.

2011 - Hong Kong 

Our Hong Kong store was the first Irregular Choice store to open in Asia and was launched in one of the most fashion conscious areas, on the Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay.

With a Chesterfield quilted shop front, custom printed flooring and pom pom trims, the store decor was as fantastical and fabulous as its collection!

2012 - Camden Town Store Design

We opened our doors in the heart of Camden in 2012, and we didn't enter quietly! With a patterned storefront and statement pillars, situated at the entrance of Camden Lock, the store was a must-see for tourists and locals alike.

Nov 2012 - Leicester Store Design

Leicester has a rich footwear history and what better place to have a shop than in a building that used to be a shoe factory! Now an arcade at the foot of the lanes, the building also has some great quirks such as a shoe slide! This slide allows our team to send your dream shoes straight down from the stock room  - the irregular way!

2014 - Norwich Store Design

'Shoe Heaven or shoe wonderland' is how a lot of customers describe our store in the centre of Norwich, Norfolk. A giant tiger head (not real, we promise) is surrounded in flowers on the wall and the charming shoe displays are like those exhibiting antique treasures in a museum. A shoe museum you might say!

2016 - Shenzen, China

Following on from the first store in Asia, in Hong Kong we launched Irregular Choice in Shenzen.

2016 - Birmingham Store Design

The Birmingham store opened in 2016 in the Birmingham Bullring - an undercover shopping arena in the centre of the city. With a full window storefront, Birmingham's store is one to behold, decorated seasonally with the most creative and original displays, from giant bunny graphics to Disney characters from the latest launch!

2016 - Wuhan, China

Hot off Shenzen, the Wuhan store was announced and came to life with its scalloped wall and giant tiger head. Collections displayed on flower-covered walls gave a real boutique feel, with spotlights illuminating their characteristics.

2016 - Beijing 

In 2016 we opened our biggest store to date, in Beijing, China.  With design elements of our UK stores along with new and exciting twists of irregularity, the Beijing store opened as our flagship in Asia.

2017 - Carnaby Street Third Store Design

The UK's flagship store in Carnaby Street had it's third magical makeover in 2017 - and what a makeover it was! A wall of flowers leads up the amazing video staircase, showcasing the latest prints, shoes and styles from Irregular Choice. The iconic carousel horse, standing tall in almost all of our stores, is joined by 4 friends in Carnaby Street, in bright and beautiful colours.

With an entire wall of disco-ball mirror tiles and flowers trailing the ceiling, this store is the epitome of wonderment and irregularity. A very worthy flagship!

2018 - Brighton Second Store Design

If you couldn't find the Brighton store before, you sure can now! The Irregular Choice storefront is the brightest and boldest around, and if you're familiar with Brighton, that's a pretty big feat! The Irregular Choice pattern was custom designed and painted meticulously for our makeover this year.

Even down to the cash desk, captured in the design stages below, each part of the store was designed to be utterly unique and irregular!

Pop Up Shops

We've also had a number of pop-up shops, including Box park London, Cardiff and as far afield as Isreal!

2018 - Dan announced the opening of the first Manchester Irregular Choice store and the opening of his first Australian store in Melbourne!

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