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If like us, you consider your Irregular Choice printed outsoles a work of art, you will want to preserve them as best you can, whether you're wearing them or not!

A pair of Irregular Choice Sole Protectors will protect your beautiful printed outsoles for longer so you can walk, dance and strut in style knowing that the artwork isn’t being worn away with every step!

Once you have your Sole Protectors, follow the simple step by step instructions below to protect your shoes!

Trim to size

STEP 1: Remove from packaging. Place the sole of the shoe onto the protector and draw around it, cut the shape out carefully with scissors

STEP 2: Place the cut protector against the sole to test how it fits – it should only cover the flat part that will be in contact with the floor, not the entire outsole! You will need to leave a small gap between the edge of the sole and the edge of the protector, so trim down if necessary.

STEP 3: Once you are happy with the shape of the cut-out protector, flip it over and use this as a template to cut out the Sole Protector for the other shoe.

Prepare your shoes

STEP 4: Ensure the soles are clean and dry by wiping with a clean cloth. Please note that it is recommended that you do this even if the shoes have not been worn and are straight out of the box. Residue on the soles will prevent the adhesive from sticking properly!

Apply the protectors

STEP 5: Gently apply a low heat to the sole protector with a hairdryer to warm them up a little and make them a bit more flexible. Remove the backing paper and apply the sole protector quickly and firmly onto the sole of the shoe.

STEP 6: Allow the Sole Protectors to adhere properly for 24 hours before you wear the shoes – test them indoors first to make sure they have adhered properly!

STEP 7: Admire your beautifully protected printed outsoles and strut your stuff!

Please note that the Irregular Choice Sole Protectors are designed for Irregular Choice patterned soles only that have not yet been worn – results on other styles or brands, finishes, or on worn soles may vary.



Protector spray helps protect your precious shoes from water, rain, drinks and any other liquid that may threaten to ruin your shoes and your day. Keep your pretties protected and looking fresh!

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