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Heels, boots, bags - you're in trouble;
Look what IC have pulled from the crypt rubble.
Spooky skulls that brightly flash,
Winged shoes that dance and dash;
Sparkly gems and skeleton hands,
Adorned with feathers and spiderweb strands,
A frightening house with fear it brings,
Creepy ghosts and scary bat wings,
For a charm of powerful shoe trouble,
Peep in to the IC cauldron and watch it bubble.
Heavens above! Stand out this spooky season in these devilishly decadent mid heels - 'Good At Being Bad' and matching tights!
Be the belle of the coven ball in these delightfully wicked mid heels - ‘Mrs Webb’! You’ll be cackling at just how cute they are!

Don’t stand your ground when faced with a supernatural spook, scarper to safety in ‘Quick Run’!

Weave a wicked spell in these batty boots! Cats are so last year, bats are really a witches best friend - 'Hubble Bubble'!

With jangling bones and a spine-chillingly scary skeleton, the frighteningly floral ‘Funny Bones’ will have you SCREAMING with delight!

 Sparklingly spooky and dripping in ghostly gems - ‘Debbie Webbie Bag’ and ‘Dead Gorgeous’ are match made in hell! These supernatural shoes also come complete with flashing eyes (Psssttt… they have an on/off switch!)!


A dastardly spell cast by the Irregular Choice coven;
one of ghoulish bags and spooky shoes that you'll be lovin'!
Take a peek in in to our cauldron abubble
And grab some spooky shoes on the double!
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