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One of the most iconic pairs of  Irregular Choice shoes Abigail's Party is 10 years old! So we thought it would be fun to show you some of the wonderful patterns and colours Abigail has been throughout her lifetime here at Irregular choice!

The journey begins back in 2006 when this wonderful style was born. Originally conceptualised in stripe fabric with leather details.

There have been so many variations of Abigail over the years that its hard to keep up with all the different colours, pattens and fabrics. We have found some of our favourite versions over the year to feast your eyes at and get you feeling all nostalgic! Please send us pictures of you in your favourite Abigail's Party heels using the hashtag #Abigails10th

Abigail's Party Cutesy Floral Autumn 2010:

Abigail's Party Rabbit Print Summer 2011:

The Original Abigail's 3rd party Blue Sequin Winter 2011:


Abigail's Party floral Print Summer 2012

Abigail's Party Gingham floral Summer 2012:

Abigail's 2nd Party Blue Wool Winter 2013:

Abigail's 3rd Party Pink Lace Spring 2014

Abigail's Party Metallic Red Floral Autumn 2014:

Abigail's 3rd Party Green Sequin Winter 2014:

 Abigail's 3rd Party Spring 2015

Abigail's Party Purple Velvet Floral Winter 2015:

Abigail's 3rd Party Black and White Felted Autumn 2015

Abigail's 3rd Party Fruit Print Summer 2016










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