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Here at Irregular Choice HQ, we are constantly in awe of the amazing shoe collections owned by some of our biggest fans. It means the world to us that you love our products as much as we do and as such, we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate you and your enviable shoe collections.
 Sonya Rosewarne’s stunning collection is enviable, to say the least!
Claire Spencer has such a huge collection; she can’t even fit it into one photo!
Natasha Galloway’s love of the Nick of Time style is rather epic!
 Rowena Barriskill’s almost has a whole wall dedicated to Irregular Choice!
Is this a store or a collection? Kat Dandy’s collection is awe-inspiring!

Abigail Cole-Buchanan has one of the most enviable shoe collections we know of! It's so beautifully big that they have their very own room!

Saving one of the best till last, our very own Amy Beckwith, has a collection that is threatening to take over her entire house! Collecting from age 16 and in love since age 12. We are so lucky to have such passionate humans like Amy on our team.

Do you think you have a collection that’s even bigger? Send us photos, it literally makes our day!

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