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Meet Kari!

Shoe fanatic and real #fashiongoals!


Kari is a huge Irregular Choice fan and takes the most gorgeous photos - you might recognise her style, her photos are just so good we often share them on our Social Media! We asked Kari to raid her wardrobe and show us her fave Irregular Choice beauties!

Take a look at some of her most gorgeous shots below, showing off this fashionable lady's favourite styles!

Kari wears 'Fuzzy McFrosty'

'I started collecting Irregular Choice shoes in 2012- my first pair were the gold and black Trixie unicorns and it's been snowballing ever since!'

'Living in the United States there is only a small handful of retail stores that carry IC so I don't get to see them up close before buying. I never worry however because I know that they will be the most beautiful, top quality, perfect shoes and they've never disappointed me. When I got to visit the Carnaby store last summer I almost cried! It was so amazing to see so many of the shoes I love up close and be able to pick them up, try them on and admire them in person. I can't wait to visit London and hit the mother store next year!'

Kari wears 'Bubble Bath' 

'I've been a shoe lover ever since I can remember. It started when I got my first job and could afford to buy my own shoes and has progressively taken on a life of it's own since then. A good example of my love for shoes is my wedding shoes - they cost 3x more than my dress. I don't even have the dress anymore but I definitely still have the shoes (Not IC's unfortunately-I got married before I had discovered them. If only I could go back.... ).'

Showing off some of our classic styles!

'Some of my favorite IC's are the quirkiest ones. I LOVE any of the split toe or tabbi styles. The more details a shoe has-feathers, glitter, sequins, characters, ribbons, lights, etc- the better, in my opinion. These shoes are meant to make a statement that's why I always pick my shoes first then match an outfit to them. I love the attention to every detail-it's so important and really what sets Irregular Choice shoes apart from the others.'

'My go to style is always Flick Flacks. They come in so many amazing colors and patterns that they literally go with everything. They are super comfortable as well. I teach students with special needs so being able to stand all day comfortably is a must. The whole school loves to see which pair of shoes I'm wearing and I'm pretty sure the students refer to me as 'the teacher with the shoes'.'

'The top 3 questions I ALWAYS get asked are:

1. Where do you find those?!

2. How do you walk in those?!

3. How many shoes do you have?! (A: I've lost count but definitely over 400. At least half of those are IC's!)'


Kari wears 'Flick Flack'

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