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National Two Different Colored Shoes Day is on the 3rd of May!

"What is that?" you may ask. Well ... It's all about setting aside a day to recognise and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of yourself and the rest of humanity.

Where the simple and lighthearted act of purposely wearing two different coloured shoes demonstrates the courage to "take a positive risk", step outside of ones daily routine and show your appreciation for the unique people in your life.



Other than wearing mismatching footwear, there are several other things you can do to celebrate this day. You can celebrate by spreading the word and telling your friends, family and loved ones about how much you love their unique traits and qualities. Tell them what you love about them & how they should always be themselves and not to let the world get in their way!

As far as clothing, you could wear mismatching socks or a clashing coloured outfit. Also if you’re not into the whole mismatching concept, you can use the day as an ideal excuse to dress like the person you feel you really are inside. This day is a great day to ignore what society thinks you should look and be like and just let your inner you shine... BE IRREGULAR!

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