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Each week we want to share the wonderful stories of how Irregular Choice fans discovered the world of Irregular Choice and what made them fall in love with the brand.


Eileen's Story-

Well I first found out Irregular Choice through my manager while I was working at a charity shop after I had to leave college early due to health reasons. We got on really well and we had the same fun rockabilly style.

She showed me these gorgeous shoes and showed me the Irregular Choice Facebook page and I was hooked from there! I scoured the Internet for days for the perfect bargain pair and I came across my yellow plaid Can Cans at a bargain price of £20!!!

I adore Irregular Choice because they are so unique and make me feel a hundred dollars whenever I wear them! They are totally different to any other shoe, and there's a shoe for everyone!

My favourite pair has to be my plaid can cans and my dream pair would be some shake it, Vader flats, mal e bows and nick of times!

I also have a pair of poetic license, but I usually bargain hunt for shoes since I don't have loads of spare cash. I'm always looking on eBay and selling sites for bargains! And it's the uniqueness and how wonderful they make you feel that draws me to them, and the beautiful soles!

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