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Q&A With Dan Sullivan

Last month we gave you the opportunity to ask Irregular Choice owner, Dan Sullivan ANY question and we were inundated with nearly 200 responses from fans, eager to find out the inner workings of the man behind the brand.With topics ranging from his favourite chocolate bar, to collaboration requests, design questions to pricing; no stone has been le

Job vacancy - Supervisor

We are looking for a confident, bubbly and bright individual to join our Irregular Choice Leicester team at Supervisor level.Candidates must have previous retail experience and excellent communication skills. We are looking for someone who can work within a small team environment but above all focuses on delivering exceptional levels of customer se

Job Vacancy - Sales Assistant

We are now recruiting for new sales assistants to join our Irregular Choice Birmingham and Leicester stores!Ideal applicants will be confident, bright and bubbly individuals with a passion for shoes and the Irregular choice brand. We are looking for individuals with excellent customer service and communication skills and enjoy working as part of a

It’s time to introduce you to our most sensational, inspirational Disney Muppets collection

It’s time to raise the curtain and introduce you to our most sensational, inspirational Disney Muppets collection – OUT NOW!

Hopping into stores soon...

Skip along, footloose and fancy free in these sequin Kermit the frog flats and with a purse to match, you will be hopping with joy!Hopping into stores this Friday the 27th of October!#Irregularmuppets

Strutting into stores soon…

Be a fashion Icon who’s destined for stardom in these fabulous Original Diva heels. Feel fierce and unstoppable with this Hiii-Yaaa bag on your satin gloved arm.Strutting into stores soon…#Irregularmuppets

Rocking LOUDLY into stores soon…

Unleash your inner out-of-control, rock ‘n’ roll wild girl and make some noise in these wild, Animal flats & Animal bag.Rocking LOUDLY into stores soon…#Irregularmuppets

It's Time To Raise The Curtain & Introduce You To...

It's time to raise the curtain, light the lights and introduce you to our most sensational, inspirational Disney Muppets collection – starring all of your favourite Muppet friends!Ladies and Gentlemen! Expect glamorous shoes and fabulous bags featuring the one and only Miss Piggy, whose diva style absolutely radiates across her trés magnifique c

Stock Room Assistant - Footwear & Accessories Retail - Central London

As a member of the Irregular Choice stock room team you are expected to represent the brand and its ethos. Irregular Choice is know as a fun, bright and ‘quirky’ brand. It’s a little piece of fantasy that the customer can take away with them. This is what we want the customer to experience when they come to our stores. The atmosphere we creat

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