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Scary or Cute? You decide! Introducing brand new contrasting styles which will leave you choosing between the the Dark side or the Light. 

Will you go for the cute sparkly rabbit heels with chunky perspex heels or will you choose our fierce monster shoes complete with its own set of scary teeth? Or will you choose BOTH?

Snuggle Bunny, Hop to it and grab a pair of our cute and quirky Snuggle Bunnie block heels featuring metallic PU, glitter and sequin uppers with pom-pom trimmed satin laces and bunny embellishments.

I Don't Bite, These fiercely fun high heels feature metallic PU uppers and embossed high heels for a ferociously fabulous look.

Scylla , Look fierce in these fabulous flat ankle boots featuring faux snake uppers with sleek pointed toes.


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