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Irregular Choice was created by Dan Sullivan in 1999 as a reason to stand out from the crowd. Back in the late 90's Dan saw that the footwear market was becoming very neutral and black, yet there was a global demand for something different and individual, something to wear with pride. Irregular Choice has evolved with great strides over the past two decades. The brand is now sold through hundreds of stockists around the world, and has its own stores across the globe, with more in the pipeline. Every Irregular Choice customer has their own favourite designs, and with such a huge collection to choose from each season there is always something to tempt every shoe addict.

Wholesale & Tradeshows

Irregular Choice has a huge worldwide presence. We work with distributors and directly with wholesale customers, stocking unique stores across the globe. To discuss wholesale and distribution opportunities please email

Franchising Opportunities

Be Irregular With Us

Irregular Choice has many stores which are run through franchises. Our preference is to work with franchisees who have fine-tuned experience in retail and who are prepared to open multiple stores within a territory. If you wish for us to consider your request to be our authorised franchisee, please send in your organisations' profile via email, FAO Wholesale, Sales & Business Development, clearly stating 'Franchising Opportunities', together with the territory which your organisation is interested in as the subject matter of the email

Incomplete information may delay our franchisee process. We may not be able to respond to all enquiries. All information received by us shall be used for internal purposes only and will not be disclosed to unauthorised third parties. We will not return any documents sent to us in relation to your enquiry. Thank you for your interest in Irregular Choice!