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What is your favourite romantic story?!  We want to know!  Send us your stories for a chance to win an Irregular Choice gift voucher! Winners will be picked at random!

1st prize - £100 Gift Voucher / 2nd prize - £50 Gift Voucher / 3rd prize - £50 Gift Voucher! *Or equivalent value in your currency

Here is Dan's favourite romantic story!

"Having been married to my grandad for only a few years, my nan started having issues with her teeth. From what I understand to be normal practice back then, the dentist decided to remove all of her teeth! 

My nan was still young, in her early/mid 20's, and this came as a massive shock.  She thought it would affect how she looked, what people would think of her, but was mostly worried that my grandad would stop finding her attractive. Once she lost all her teeth, my nan got very upset and depressed about the whole situation. Struggling to find a way to console her, and to show her that it really didn't matter to him, my grandad decided to surprise her by going to the dentist to also have all his teeth removed so that they could live in toothless bliss together!"

To enter just write your favourite romantic story in the comments of our Instagram OR Facebook competition post by Friday 19th!

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Good Luck!

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