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This week's guest post from Oh Reinette

Products Used:
Summer Of Love 
Unicorn Dreaming Jewellery Set 

Embrace head to toe pastels!

"Let your sparkly ‘Summer Of Love’ shoes shine by keeping it simple up top."

An oversized T-shirt dress will be comfortable, relaxed and chic. Keep details to a minimum, it’s all about the shoes! Cotton candy pink is on trend, wearable and will look great with your ‘Summer Of Loves’!
Focus on colour – pick a complementary pastel colour for your dress to balance your look, the shade doesn't have to match perfectly but try and stay streamlined.
Throw on some tights! As before, pick the tone from your shoes; a soft green will help break up your silhouette. If you’re feeling brave, try head to toe pink – you’ll look 10 feet tall!
Top this all off with our ‘Unicorn Dreaming’ earrings – super cute, super fun and a real statement piece!

Products Used:
Summer Of Love (Black) 
King Of The Castle 
Shining Star Earrings 

Show your dark side...

"Sportswear isn’t going anywhere... Let’s make it work for the evening."

Black skinny-fit trousers with a black turtleneck will elongate your body and draw all attention to those shoes; let them be the star of the show!
If you’re feeling brave, go for an oversized sweatshirt, you’ll earn major style points!
As Sportswear is so simple, let’s add detail! Grab your ‘King Of The Castle’ pouch in black and put Misty front and centre. The sparkles will really shine and create a great contrast to your all-black outfit.
Last, but not least, earrings! Our ‘Shining Star’ earrings will help unify the look. Rainbows, Stars AND Unicorns; sign us up!

Products Used:
Summer Of Love
Over The Rainbow Bag 

Say hello to the rainbow!

"Make like Dorothy and head for The Emerald City!
Taking inspiration from the chicest city in OZ – let’s go green!"

Offset the emerald of your ‘Over The Rainbow’ bag and sparkling ‘Summer Of Love’ shoes with a softer grass green dress.
Candy pink and baby blue accents create a delicate feminine look; try adding colour with a pink petticoat or blue tights but keep it subtle – it’s all about the shoes and bag!
A voluminous 50’s style dress will work anywhere and will be sure to turn heads!

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